Herbal T might look familiar to you.  Identical twin brother and long time (life long?) collaborator of Wax (previous Kinda Neater and all around righteous dude), he  just released a solo rap project called Lo-Fi Blow Dry that’s jam packed with old school funk and air tight rhymes.  We sat down to talk about juggling family life / work life / music life, finding the right girl, and burner band backlash against dumpster baby lyrics.

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This week we sat down with Christian Clancy.  Clancy is a seasoned music industry veteran, responsible for marketing classic records like MMLP and Get Rich or Die Trying.  He currently manages Odd Future and played an integral part in developing their brand and creating a massive international following.  We talk about turning his life around after being a lost and rebellious young man, his time spent as a marketing director for Interscope, and eventually meeting a group of skate kids that would end up reinvigorating his passion for the music business.

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We’re back from our March hiatus with our dude Anderson Paak.  Always find it so interesting that we often know next to nothing about our friends and acquaintances, and this was one of those instances.   We learn about Anderson’s (I keep wanting to say “Breezy’s”) turbulent family history, including his mother, father and step father all doing stints in jail; him having to navigate his way with no parental guidance while he was still in school and, at one point, quitting music to change diapers in an old folks home.  This was a great conversation with an extremely talented artist that develops and impresses me more each time I see him.

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Quelle Chris performs his song “Loop Dreams” live at Cosmic Zoo studios after a conversation on the Kinda Neat with Intuition.


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This week on Kinda Neat we sit down with rapper / beatsmith / Detroit transplant Quelle Chris.   We talk about moving around all over the Midwest, he and his brother starting to rap as youngsters, and the benefits of learning through experience rather than books.

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Watsky performs “Send In The Sun” live at Cosmic Zoo studio after a long conversations with Intuition on the Kinda Neat Podcast.



On our 1 year anniversary episode we sat down with old pal George Watsky.  Fresh off a year of touring and days away from heading into the studio to work on his next album, George and I had a lot to catch up on.  We got right into it discussing his now infamous two story stage dive that ended badly, the importance of investing in yourself, and he takes on a wonderful journey with a mystical narwhal tusk.

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In my never ending quest to hear all sides of how Low End Theory came to fruition, we sat down with DJ Nobody this week.  His history runs deep into the LA Underground and, as you probably know, that’s a subject I never get tired of hearing about.  We talk about his new found sneaker obsession, being a collector of collections, and fighting in flip-flops.

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Raquel Rodriguez performs a stripped down version of her song “Don’t Owe You A Thing” accompanied by Jamey Arent on the guitar, live at Cosmic Zoo studio after a long conversation on Kinda Neat with Intuition.



You guys have been asking for it, so you got it.  We finally sat down with Raquel Rodriguez.  Raquel’s a close friend, collaborator, and the guest on the second podcast I ever attempted back in ’11.  We probably spent more time in this convo laughing and joking than actually covering any pertinent information about her, but so be it.  We go into depth about our first time meeting and working together, Paco’s Vs Gilbert’s, and farts.

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