When are episodes released?

We shoot for every Wednesday. That, of course, isn’t always the case. Due to a lot of moving parts to our operation, artists being often unreliable, and me traveling a lot for work, sometimes we miss weeks here and there. 

What’s your email address?

It’s very easy to find, show some gumption and look harder. If you send a DM asking for an email address, smack yourself. If you can’t figure out how to contact us, don’t try to contact us.

Can I suggest artists I’d like to see on the show?

Of course. We encourage you to tell us who we’re missing. Our audience has put us on to some amazing acts and we’re constantly searching social media for your comments and suggestions. We see them. That being said, if you keep asking for someone and we don’t respond, we either don’t fuck with them, don’t think they fit the curation, or have already reached out and gotten no response.

How can I be a guest on the show?

Get popping and we’ll find you. Simple as that. Artists are picked on a careful algorithm that only exists in Lee’s head. It’s a balance of what he likes, what he thinks the audience will like, and how good he thinks the conversation and performance will be. But the key element is having a growing organic following of your own.

I’m not popping yet. Can I submit music to the show anyway?

We’d rather you didn’t, but that never stops anyone. FYI no guest has ever been invited to the show because of a music submission.

Will you check out my music and give me feedback?


How can I support the show?

THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION!!! Other than watching, commenting, liking, and sharing videos and interviews (become an active participant!) there are monetary ways you can help. The podcast is ad free and most of the YouTube revenue goes to the artists. We have a Patreon pledge drive that allows you to give a small amount per episode. We suggest one dollar per episode. The most you’d ever pay is 4 dollars a month. We do it by the episode rather than the month because sometimes we go on month long hiatus’ and we don’t want to rip people off. You can also kick dollars to our PayPal if a one time donation is easier.

How can I listen to the podcast other than on this site?

Download the Podcast App, search for Kinda Neat, and subscribe. You will be automatically updated with new interviews and can stream from your phone anywhere you go. We also upload the interviews to the KN YouTube channel now (the first 100 episodes are not on YT).

Why aren’t the podcasts on SoundCloud?

They just aren’t. We chose to host our podcasts on our site. That costs money, so we don’t want to pay more money to SoundCloud. Been around long enough to know 3rd party audio hosting sites go out of business (Soundclick? Myspace? Yeah.)

Why do all the videos look the same?

That is the concept. Create an even playing field for musicians to display their talent. Every time you see that comic book wall you know you will be seeing an intriguing talent. You will love some, hate others, but hopefully respect every choice. We may eventually branch out to other content, but we aren’t YouTubers at heart. Don’t expect a lot of channel collabs, Vlogs, or clickbait.

Why don’t you make videos of the interviews?

When we started KN, it was meant to be a podcast in the truest sense, with dedicated podcast listeners in mind. Not being videotapted during an interview allows our guests to be more comfortable during the conversations. Hour long interview videos on YouTube at the time seemed pointless, and were not nearly as popular as they are now. We realize they are becoming the standard, and we may need to adapt soon.

Why do you talk so long at the beginning of the podcast?

Because it’s my show. Didn’t know when I started it that KN would become my main passion. It was initially meant to be extra content while I worked on music. The beginning segment was to stay in touch with fans of my music. Now it’s to talk to KN listeners that want to know what’s going on in my life. This helps me make the interviews about the artist, and not about me. KN’s format was inspired by Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. I love that he gets all his shit off his chest at the beginning, then let’s the interviewee be the star. If you want to skip it, you can skip it, no skin off my back.

How come you don’t have shirts and hats?

Coming soon.

Are you (Intuition) going to put more music out?

That doesn’t have much to do with KN, go ask on another platform. Probably won’t get any info out of me about it elsewhere either though.