A Podcast About Music…Kinda.

Kinda Neat is a unique content portal for musicians on the verge created by Lee Shaner (BKA rapper “Intuition”). It was created to showcase independent musicians and provide them with an additional promotional platform. KN is a place for artists to comfortably tell their story. We’ve created a relaxed environment without the usual trappings of modern interviews. There’s no gossip, thirst for click bait, or aggressive testing of an artist’s credentials. We discuss the humanity of artistry, seeking common themes that lead to the pursuit of music.

After an hour long conversation, the musicians are given the opportunity to show their talents on an even playing field. Every video on KN’s channel is set in front of the same wall, with the same mic. Putting different artists in the same space allows each character’s individuality to shine through the performance without distracting from the music. One take, no tricks, no editing, no hiding.

World Class Sound Quality.

While Lee handles the curation, booking, and hosting duties, the world-class sound quality is created by Ben Shim. Utilizing state of the art equipment at our home base, Daddy Kev’s Cosmic Zoo, Ben has become the premiere YouTube live performance audio engineer. He’s continually pushed the boundaries of what one-take performances can sound like. His mixes are a perfect balance of live rawness and studio engineering. They show the artist’s reality in the most beautiful light without sacrificing grit by over-processing vocals.

Lee’s curation has created an audience of hungry music lovers that often follow the show’s standouts for the entirety of their careers. Major accomplishments dating back to as far as 2011 (when the two were creating the innovative Knocksteady Live show) include Anderson .Paak’s first video content online, Vince Staples’ first video content online, showcasing Macklemore 2 years before he became a number one selling artist, Kali Uchis first live video performance, showcasing Kyle 3 years before his first Billboard hit. The list goes on, but the biggest accomplishment for the two men behind the show is staying involved with their first love: music.

Passion For Craft.

Lee and Ben are both musicians in their own right. As Intuition, Lee created multiple rap albums and projects that garnered a small but loyal following. Similarly, Ben is a trained mixing engineer who’s passion for audio began with his love of electronic beat production. The duo’s passion for craft allows them to approach their show from a unique angle. Lee knows how an artist would like to be talked to, and Ben knows how an artist would like to sound. The attention to detail and quest for quality shines through in every episode of Kinda Neat.