Ghostemane Talks The Opioid Epidemic Affecting His Family, Why Most Goths Got Satan All Wrong and Performs “Venom” Live In Studio

One of my favorite subjects to harp on is becoming a middle aged rap fan. I try to stay open minded and excited about the evolution of the art. Last week I was at a $uicideboy$ show, feeling extra old. It was there I saw Ghostemane come out and kill a quick guest appearance during an opening dj set.

I’m only surface level familiar with the burgeoning sub-genre of aggressively dark underground rap I would compartmentalize him in. It’s amazing to see this younger generation of underground rappers make their audience go berserk. The shows feel more like hardcore or metal performances than a rap show in a traditional sense. Hence I wanted to talk to the new Los Angeles transplant about this scene, and how he got involved in it.

Listen to us talk about how the prescription opioid epidemic affected his family, moving to LA 3 weeks ago, and why most young goths have it all wrong about satan.