Travis Thompson talks self-doubt, artistic growth, rocking Bape on the Rez, and performs “Crossfaded” live in studio

Travis Thompson and I go way back now. Even before his performance of “Need You” went massively viral back in 2017, he was following my friends and I online, occasionally asking for guidance, as far back as 2011. He’s one of the friendliest folks to ever come on the show, and I feel a bit like a big brother (whether he wants me to or not).

After “Need You” blew up, labels came calling, and he signed with Epic. His first release with them Reckless Endangerment admittedly didn’t do what he wanted it to, and he’s been looking inward since. While fans and followers continued to wonder — and occasionally harass him about — where the new music was, he was in a spiritual crisis that’s helped inspire, what he feels is, the best music he’s ever made.

Tune in to hear us talk about overcoming self-doubt, artistic growth, and rocking Bape on the Rez.