Mavi talks his deep connection to South Carolina, how America is deeply haunted, why his name is nothing to play with, and performs “Time Travel” live in studio

Mavi was one of the first artists I reached out to when deciding to relaunch Kinda Neat, so it’s only fitting he ended up as the last guest of this “season” before I take a little summer break. When I reached out I’d recently gotten hip to his triumphant debut, Let the Sun Talk. It turns out Mavi had recently decided to take a break from school to concentrate on playing shows and building on the momentous buzz of the record. Then the world came to a halt.

I can’t help but feel for all the young artists who were about to embark on their first tours when 2020 was stolen from them. Not being able to touch audiences and feel the palpable energy of a record like LTST can make an artist feel like the record quickly became a distant memory. In talking to Mavi, he seemed almost surprised someone (me) would still care about the album. But on the heels of his latest EP, END OF THE EARTH, with venues opening back up, hopefully 2021 will make up for lost time last year.

This was a very thought-provoking episode. We broke format and talked less about Mavi’s journey than we did his worldview. I’m thoroughly impressed and in awe of his intellect, insight, and insatiable curiosity. The breadth of knowledge available at his fingertips on a wide range of subjects is enviable, and the wisdom that shines through his songs is just as easily on display in conversation. Tune in to hear us talk about his deep connection to South Carolina, how America is deeply haunted, and why his name is nothing to play with.