Seshollowaterboyz Talk Joining Forces, Learning To Do Everything Themselves, and Why They Don’t Care If You Like Them

seshollowaterboyz on Kinda Neat

This week we talked with SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ. Chris Travis, Eddy Baker, Bones, and XavierWulf are standing left to right in the above photo. This was a really tough interview. It was 4 close friends versus a curious old rap fan with a surface level knowledge of their music. I probably come off like an idiot. Even still, I wanted to put it out because these guys have an absolutely undeniable movement going on.

From their prolific output (all of them have put out multiple tapes this year), to their rabid fan base, to their raucous (and always sold out) shows, to the way they innately handle themselves like old pros, and treat their followers like family…I haven’t felt such a palpable movement taking place independently in a long time.

I initially reached out to try and interview Bones, but their manager Elliot (who becomes a big part of the interview as well) informed me that this thing is working because they move as a unit, and I fully respect that. We set up as many mics as we could and tried to learn how they came together as a team, how they learned to do everything (beats, raps, recording, filming, editing) themselves, and why they don’t care if you like them or not.