Ivy Sole Talks Growing Up in Charlotte, Social Issues and Race Relations, Getting Involved With Activism, and Performs “Lost”

Ivy Sole is a wonderful talent out of Philadelphia by way of Charlotte, NC. Ivy’s a very thoughtful and self-aware person, it is apparent in her music and this conversation. Her latest EP, East, is a quick listen packed with poetic bars and soulful melodies. Her deep smokey voice is an outstanding tool for delivering hooks that won’t leave the back of your head.

From an early age, her placement in advanced curriculums gave her an outsider’s experience. Residing throughout East and West Charlotte she’d go to school in affluent neighborhoods of North Charlotte. As a kid she didn’t understand why her local friends couldn’t attend with her. She faced culture shock, microaggressions, and knowing that in order to succeed she would need to portray perfection. Her diligence led to an Ivy League school for college, where she came into her own as a student, artist, and human.

I found out about prior guest Dave B. through their outstanding collaboration on “Life.” So if you enjoyed Dave’s episode and music, I think this will be up your alley. We sat down with Ivy as she arrived in LA on a road trip from Philly.