Dave B. Talks Growing Up In Seattle, His Theater Experience, Going To “Not That” Columbia For A Year, and Performs “Right Here”

Dave B. is another phenomenal talent coming out of the Seattle scene. In a city known for supporting local rap acts, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the next heir to the Seattle throne. His latest record, Tomorrow, is a collaborative effort with Soulection’s Sango (another Seattleite). The record brings the best out of both of them, and bottles up Seattle’s vibe into beats and rhymes.

Dave is cool and calm. His talking voice is reminiscent of a whispery old-timey radio disc jockey, smooth and warm. He’s unassuming…reserved bordering on shy. That’s why it’s all the more impressive when he steps in front of a microphone. You aren’t expecting this quiet fellow to unleash a masterful, booming performance with no warmup. This ain’t some studio shit…Dave B. can really sing.

We caught up with Dave in the middle of his first headlining tour. He’s already gone out with other PNW faves like Macklemore and Sam Lachow. Laying those roots helped him garner even bigger turnouts than expected in every city he hit. Hear us talk about working with JakeOne and other local legends, growing up in church, and his extensive theater background.