Gizzle Talks About The Constant Need To Create, Writing For Some Of Our Faves, Battling On The Set Of Usher’s “Yeah” Video, and Performs “Oh Na Na”

Gizzle is currently working on an expansive self-assignment. She plans to release four tapes she’ll record in four different cities by the end of the year. Each will be seven songs, representing the seven days she’ll spend there catching the vibe, writing, and recording. So far she’s released the first in the series, 7 Days In Atlanta.

7DIA caught my ear via “Oh Na Na,” which you can see her perform above. The infectious beat coupled with the immediate charm of Gizzle’s gruff voice instantly drew me in. Her prodigious song writing talents are also easily recognized, and vaguely familiar. That’s with good reason. She’s spent much of her life in the studio writing with artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye, T.I., Snoop, Travis Scott, and Boosie Badazz. 2017 will surely see her stepping into the spotlight.

It makes perfect sense why artists would want to be in the studio with her. Beyond her obvious writing talents, she has a certain presence when she walks in the room. Her smile is contagious, and her energy is motivating. She’s a big personality, but lacks the sort of pretentious ego that craves constant validation. All these factors lead to a certain comfort and instant familiarity, which must be great for collaborating. Be on the lookout for her next few tapes (Denver, Philly, and LA), hear us talk about her constant need to create, and rap battling on the set of Usher’s “Yeah” video.