Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Talks Growing Up In Scranton, Signing To A Local Label And Needing New Goals, and His Step Dad Being The Pope

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal has spent most of his life actively pursuing music. It’s been the constant ever since starting bands in middle school. He went on to finding success with Tigers Jaw, and has now pivoted into the current form of Wicca Phase. You’d never guess that his hometown of Scranton was a hotbed of late era emo bands and record labels. But growing up there he found mentors and inspiration in local heroes.

Now his somber lyrics laid over lo-fi trap beats are genre defying and bending the limits of modern rap music. He’s found kindred spirits in Goth Boi Clique and Thraxxhouse, Hear us talk about growing up in Pennsylvania, reaching his goal of signing to a local label and needing to make new goals, and his step dad basically being the pope of the religion he grew up in.