In early 2011 I accidentally started a podcast.  I didn’t know what we were doing, didn’t know what it would become, and certainly didn’t know anything about interviewing people.  After doing over 70 episodes that year, when I was just getting the hang of it, it abruptly ended.

It was as much of a surprise ending for me as it was to those of you who followed.  I never had a chance to apologize to the listeners.  Never got to have a farewell episode.  People always ask me why “I left,” under the incorrect assumption that “I left.”

2012 was a dark time for me.  I went through a deep depression after things fell apart at KS.  I stayed afloat finding free lance work with one of my best friends, and took time to really work on my next album.  A lot of time was spent reflecting on where I was going and where I had been.  When the dust cleared I realized I really missed having these conversations with fellow artists.

Enter the Cosmic Zoo.  Daddy Kev and James “Nocando” Mccall, the founder and host of the infamous Low End Theory club, recently opened the doors to this new full service recording studion in Atwater Village.  James knew I was looking to start a new podcast and was kind enough to open his doors to me.  I’m humbled and grateful to have people in my life willing to reach out a helping hand.

I brought along another KS expatriate.  My compadre Ben Shim (aka Databass) will be helping produce, edit, and execute the podcast.  We look forward to a running start right back to where we were: curating a podcast full of artists we appreciate and want to either introduce you to, or further educate you about.

Kinda Neat will not concentrate as much on performance as the last podcast did. We’ll still release performance videos, but the real heart of this experience is to converse with the artist and learn about their lives, their accomplishments, their pitfalls, their past, and their personality.

I’m glad you found us again, or for the first time…enjoy.