The Grouch Discusses Music In His Genes, Extensive Living Legends History, Copping A House At 23 With Rap Money and Performs “My Garden”

I was very excited to talk to The Grouch. He was the first “underground rapper” (read: independent artist) I heard of after moving to California. Living Legends performing at KAOS Network was the first underground rap show I ever attended.  It was at the home of Project Blowed, before I even knew what Project Blowed was. He was the first artist I ever ordered online merch from. Also the first rapper I ever photographed at a show. Not to mention the first rapper that made me think “underground rapper” could be a feasible career.

As a fresh faced California transplant, The Grouch was someone I immediately looked up to, revered, and learned from. Needless to say, I geeked out a bit during this conversation. He was very open during our talk and it was a real pleasure to converse with someone I hold in such high esteem. Listen to us talk about music in his genes and buying a house at age 23 from slanging CDs out the trunk. Of course we also dove deep into the Living Legends history.