Nacho Picasso Talks Getting His First Tattoo, Late Start At Rapping, His Mom’s Abusive Ex That Stole Christmas and Performs “Villains In My Circle” Live In Studio

Nacho Picasso is a Seattle raised rapper. He’s a clear alternative to what comes to mind when discussing “Seattle Rap.” Seattle is known for churning out safe, marketable, pseudo-uplifting, boom-bap inspired rap. Nacho’s music lives in a dark world of gun violence, drugs, and sexual deviance.

After talking to him it seems that art truly imitates life. I’m aware many of our listeners are quickly turned off by those tropes and themes in rap music. But Nacho’s music is filled with layered lyricism and obscure pop culture references. He’s undeniably charismatic and has one of the most unique voices currently rapping. On top of that the raps are often over thumping Blue Sky Black Death instrumentals.

Hear Nacho Picasso talk about his late start to rap, getting his first tattoo at 13, and the abusive mom’s ex-boyfriend that stole Christmas one year.