lojii talks cheesesteaks, getting in trouble for wearing headphones in class, we gush over the talent of mutual friends, and performs “between hu$tles” live in studio

lojii is part of a rap scene I’ve been loving the last couple years. Guys like him, Mike, Pink Siifu, Maxo, Medhane, Navy Blue, Earl, and a bunch of others are taking rap to places it’s never been, while still making reference to and pulling influence from those that came before. The loose style of song structure, and deceivingly stream of conscious songwriting seem to dissect the genre to its most basic needs: a loop and some raps. Songs often come in under the 2 minute mark, and if the idea is finished after one verse, then so be it, don’t force more verses. The lack of bells and whistles seem to help transcend to a level of concise depth I’ve been very impressed by.

lojii’s January release “lo & behold” is a beautiful record in its simplicity, sense of community, and laser focused cohesiveness. It was getting heavy spins around the time I linked with lojii for this conversation. I hope all of you go check it out and remember to support indie musicians during a time when a lot of their revenue sources might have dried up.

Hear us talk cheesesteaks, getting in trouble for rocking headphones at school, and gush over the talents of our mutual friends.