Armani White talks losing his father, growing up in Philadelphia, managing himself, and performs “Thanksgiving” live in studio.

Armani White has been on my radar a few years now. We’ve been trying to get this episode together since then, but every time we got close, something came up where I was unable to get it together. When KN went on hiatus I just stopped answering emails about it because I didn’t know what to tell people, and Armani got caught in that crossfire. So now that we’re back, he was one of the first people I wanted to hit up, and he happened to be in town when I reached out.

Could talk to him all day, this was a very easy episode and we went on long tangents (that probably got cut out) because we seem to have a lot in common to diverge into. We both recently lost our fathers, and (WARNING) not only do I cry talking about my dad in the intro, I start crying hearing him talk about his father’s passing within the first 15 minutes of our conversation.

Nonetheless this one felt really great and I’m excited to introduce you all to Armani. Tune in to hear him talk about losing his father, life in Philadelphia, and being his own manager.