Lil Lotus talks his father’s passing, getting his chops up at church, signing to Epitaph, and performs “I Don’t Even Like U” live in studio

Lil Lotus is someone I’ve known about for a while, one of those friends of friends type people who I’d yet to meet. He orbits around a scene in LA that I have a lot of respect for so I figured it was high time we sat down for a chat. To keep it a buck, with my current mindset and musical preferences his style is not something that would generally pique my interest, but I can also honestly say his sound is something I would have been absolutely obsessed with in high school when I was listening to a lot of punk that went on to inspire the pop-punk wave of the early 2000’s. Lotus is an open book, wears his heart on his sleeve, and I completely understand why he attracts such a diehard audience. He’s magnetic, charismatic, gentle, caring, and easy to be around. Even before we sat down for the conversation, I already knew him as a likable guy from texting with him. Needless to say, this was a good conversation and we dove right into the deep stuff almost immediately.

Tune in to hear us talk about his father passing, becoming a rockstar at church, his move to LA from Dallas, Boyfriendz, his new group If I Die First, and getting signed to Epitaph.