Jonah Mutono talks GERG, writing plays as a child, living through his second virus quarantine, and performs “If You Mean It” live in studio

Jonah Mutono’s recently released GERG is a deeply personal and beautiful record. Full of movement and life, GERG takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and musical stylings all carried by Jonah’s wonderfully resonant voice and impressive range. Jonah’s been bouncing around his whole life, raised between Philly, Uganda, Kenya, London, and stints in NY and LA, he’s a rolling stone with a big bag of influence. A classically trained pianist, GERG also shows his depth as a producer and instrumentalist. We caught him during the tail end of the (first?) COVID-19 lockdown and he let us know this wasn’t his first quarantine, he’d lived through it as a child in Uganda with the ebola crisis.

Hear us talk about that ebola quarantine, where the name GERG comes from, writing plays as a child, his vast travels, and much more!