Anderson Paak Talks Turbulent Family Life, His Parents Stints In Jail, Quitting Music to Work in an Old Folks Home, and Performs “Miss That Whip”

We’re back with our dude Anderson .paak. It’s interesting that sometimes we know next to nothing about our friends and acquaintances. This was one of those instances.

We learn about Anderson’s turbulent family history. His is mother, father and step father all ended up doing stints in jail. We also learn about him having to navigate his way with no parental guidance while he was still in school. At one point, quitting music to change diapers in an old folks home.

This was a great conversation with an extremely talented artist that develops and impresses me more each time I see him.

Editor’s Note: When we first made this post Anderson .paak premiered a song called “Suede.” It was unknowingly a bit too early to release the song. It ended up coming out 2 years later on the NxWorries project. This video for “Miss That Whip” was recorded a little less than a year after the conversation.