Allan Kingdom Talks His Small Family, Feeling African in Canada and Black in America, Recording His First Raps At Church and Performs “The Ride”

This week we had the pleasure of sitting with the talented Allan Kingdom. Allan’s has a unique rap voice, angelic falsetto, and a cold climate upbringing. This leads to music that can be dense, dark, contemplative and uplifting all at once. He’s a young man with an aged veteran’s demeanor. His career has already had a number of individual peaks (i.e The Stand4rd with Corbin neé Spooky Black, and a feature on Kanye’s “All Day” that lead to 3 Grammy noms) with surely many more to come.

Hear us talk about his small familial unit, why he felt “African” in Canada and “Black” in America, and recording his first raps at a church while his mom watched over his shoulder.