We’re back from our March hiatus with our dude Anderson Paak.  Always find it so interesting that we often know next to nothing about our friends and acquaintances, and this was one of those instances.   We learn about Anderson’s (I keep wanting to say “Breezy’s”) turbulent family history, including his mother, father and step father all doing stints in jail; him having to navigate his way with no parental guidance while he was still in school and, at one point, quitting music to change diapers in an old folks home.  This was a great conversation with an extremely talented artist that develops and impresses me more each time I see him.

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6 thoughts on “EPISODE 54: ANDERSON PAAK

  1. Eron says:

    Sweet shit-shootin’, Lee!

    Would you consider having Cool Calm Pete on sometime? When Anderson was talking about adapting to the dynamic change Internet brought in the mid-2000s, it made me think about Pete and how he dealt with the advent of social media. He’s a little under the radar nowadays, but it’d be really cool if you could get him some exposure and have him on your show.

    Hope all’s well, brother. Keep it cool.

  2. roni says:

    Loved the interview!! People get to see, feel and hear another side of anderson paak. Oh and I’m bias since I’m his sister♥♥

  3. Vinson says:

    Great conversation, probably my favorite artist these days.

  4. Quin woods says:

    Loved the interview pakk!!!! You and Lee are such an inspiration. I hope I can meet you guys some day. It’ll be awesome if you follow me on Instagram too man @quinwoodz

  5. Talii says:

    So now that Suede has been released are you going to re-upload the video?

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