Wes Period Talks Growing Up in Orange County, Being In Bands For the Last 10 Years, Finding God, and performs “Big Bag” Live In Studio

Wes Period is a product of the nondescript Orange County suburb tucked between Whittier and Fullerton. La Habra is one of those places that people ask “where’s that?” It’s probably why folks from the OC just say their from Orange County. The only other person I know from La Habra is Jonwayne. I only know that because of La Habra’s Wikipedia page.

But Wes made the most of his OC upbringing. As a mixed race youth he often felt like an outsider in his city’s distinctly white and Latino sociological makeup. Searching for a way to find his place in life, and satisfying his early musical dreams, he started local bands. Frequently playing local punk venues like Chain Reaction has given him stage chops many peers his age lack. Turns out his band even performed with your favorite podcast host and VerBS at the Glasshouse way back when.

Now, as a rapper and producer, Wes has all the talent and charisma to be a real threat. His beats are polished and catchy, his smile’s contagious, and his raps are triumphant and joyous. The latest single “Big Bag” which he performed live, was licensed as the theme song for “Ball In The Family” about Lavar Ball and sons.

Was trying to put my finger on why I recognized Wes for most of the episode. Turns out KN alum¬†Tommy Genesis was working on a project with him right around the time of her episode. She’s shown me pictures, and eventually the 1 degree of separation made sense. Tune in to hear Wes talk about his bands, his dreams of meeting a rap crew in high school, and recently finding god.