ROLE MODEL talks moving from Maine, getting into film school despite horrendous grades, his inbox flooding with A&R emails after 200K plays, and performs “i don’t rly like u” live in studio

Tucker Pillsbury, soon to be much better known as ROLE MODEL, still has a boyish charm. In a movie he’d be the artsy kid next door the cheerleader secretly has a crush on. At 21 years old, he’s only recently begun leaving his quaint Maine upbringing to explore the world. His songwriting is already world-building and impressive. I can only imagine how the music will develop as he continues his personal growth.

Raised the son of a “ski bum,” Tucker picked up a video camera initially to film his friends skiing. This led to him learning to edit short films and music videos. Despite terrible grades in school, his talent with a camera didn’t go unnoticed. He was accepted into the film school at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. It was there he had his first drink, first smoke and eventually made his first song.

Like many humble beginnings on our show, ROLE MODEL’s first song attempts were in a dorm room. He admits his early work was derivative auto-tune reliant rap that didn’t really feel like him. Working out the kinks went quick though. A couple years later, he’s released his Arizona In The Summer EP. The addictive four song project lends itself to playing on repeat for hours. Tucker was serendipitously in LA the week I heard “i don’t rly like u” and we’re excited to have found the time to feature him.