Reo Cragun Talks Growing Pains, Leaving Costco in WA for Music in LA, Signing to Virgin, and Performs “On My Way” Live in Studio

Reo Cragun first popped up on our radar in January (2017). He dropped “Inconsiderate” seemingly out of the blue. His polished song writing, confident delivery and unique vocal tone instantly caught my attention . We started making arrangements to be on KN way back then. Serendipitously when I reached out via DM he was already following us. Turns out, being from the Washington, he’d found out about KN through our ILLFIGHTYOU episode.

It took a while for this episode to finally come to fruition. Turns out Reo was in the lab crafting a masterful debut project. Growing Pain features 11 mostly self-produced tracks from the prodigious singer / songwriter. Ranging from full fledged bangers to slowed down ballads, Growing Pains shows range and expertise. Not bad for a guy that was in Washington working at Costco two years ago. To be fair, he’d planned on going to med school, but sometimes you just have to pursue the creative endeavor first.

Honestly Reo nothing like I pictured him. His music is so forthright, blunt, and self-assured. But in person he couldn’t be more quaint and polite. We even get into kidding around about his use of G-rated colloquialisms like “gosh” and “jeez.” Either way, if you’re a fan of folks like 6lack, Bryson Tiller, even The Weeknd, I think Reo will catch your ear. Hear us talk about the new record, moving to LA with nothing but faith, and signing to Virgin Records.