Johnny Polygon Discusses His Father’s Passing, Getting An Early Taste Of Success, Being the Justin Bieber Of Tulsa and Performs “Dead Meat” Live In Studio


Been 3 years since I last interviewed Johnny Polygon. Not sure why I waited so long. We always have a great time shooting the shit. Those of you that’ve been around a while will remember him from the other show we used to do. Those of you who haven’t will love his charm, wit, and easy demeanor.

This convo was a bit of a break from the norm. Rather than delving too deep into Johnny’s personal history, we do a lot of bullshitting, meandering down long tangents, and musing about life, which makes us realize we’re a whole lot alike. Hear him talk about his father’s recent passing, getting the taste of success we all chase very early in his career, and being the Justin Bieber of Tulsa, OK.