JMSN Talks Being A Creative Loner, Mental Health Coping Strategies, Wishing Every Show Was In His Backyard and Performs “Cruel Intentions”

This felt like one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while. JMSN had just finished his record and was re-entering society after his self induced creative hermitude. There was next to no small talk and we dove right into anxiety, depression, and loneliness like we were old friends catching up (we’d never met).

Even when I know better, occasional I make the mistake of assuming things work out immediately for talented people. When I first started hearing JMSN a few years ago I thought “hmm a dude with a great voice, great songs, great hair, and no vowels in his name?…people must’ve rolled out a red carpet to fame for him.”

Turns out like any good success story, JMSN had plenty of failures in the industry. That eventually led him to finding himself and his voice. Hear us talk about being creative loners, mental health coping strategies, and wishing every show could be in his backyard.