Cadalack Ron Talks Drug Addiction, Stints In Jail, Backsliding, and Performs “Times Is Hard” Live In Studio

Robert Paulson, better known as Cadalack Ron, stopped by Kinda Neat for what became one of the heaviest and most revealing interviews I’ve ever been a part of. Caddy’s story is at points dark, troubling, horribly morose and, in the end, up-lifting.

Cadalack Ron talks about his past as a drug addict in and out of jail, cleaning up multiple times only to fall back into old habits, and finally being able to feel emotion again after running from it for so many years.

This conversation ran long so we turned it into a 2-parter.

Editor’s Note: Caddy has passed away since this episode. He was a good man. I hope his legacy lives on through his music, battles, and conversations like this.