Rosemary Fairweather Recreated Our Comic Book Wall So We Asked Her To Be On The Show. Watch Her Perform “Good News” Live In Studio

Rosemary Fairweather approached us in the most interesting way we’ve seen. She tweeted us a photo of her standing in front of (what we thought was) the comic book wall.

Turns out she’d meticulously recreated the wall in an apartment in her hallway. So much so it took Ben and I a good 10 minutes to realize it wasn’t our wall.

She made a perfect example of how to go the extra mile if you’re going to cold call someone, we were flattered and ended up wanting to talk to her. After digging around a bit we came to realize she’s also a talented songwriter with a knack for catchy dream pop hooks that will get stuck deep in your earhole.

She was living in Vancouver at the time, but turned out she had a trip planned to LA to talk to people about music things, so we made time to put her in front of the real comic wall.

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