On Episode 38 we sat down with Kyle.  He’s a smooth young rapper with a penchant for strong visuals and a very solid work ethic.  Gained a lot of respect for him during this conversation because, not only is he a clever song writer with a good grasp of catchy melodies, he’s also a student of the game that’s been working on rap music since he was 11.  Bright future for this dude.  We talk to the Ventura, CA native about our half-generation gap, utilizing Youtube as a rap resource, and how we’re the same age in rapper years.

This episode is available on iTunes or Stitcher.  Please be sure to subscribe, leave a 5 star rating, and comment about who you want to see on the show.  I know you are reading this bored at work, it only takes a second.


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2 thoughts on “EPISODE 38: KYLE

  1. chris says:

    get chance the rapper! or palmer squares! or vic mensa!

  2. jim says:

    chance the rapper for sure

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