Jay Worthy (of LNDN DRGS) Discusses Vancouver, Compton, Working With Fool’s Gold and Vice, A Fateful Trip To SXSW and Premieres “Blue Hundreds”

Jay Worthy has led a brazy life. Raised in Vancouver, but packing up to Los Angeles as a young man, he decided to forgo college. Instead he got his education on the streets of Compton. While hustling and banging in Compton he saw his sister Grimes’ music career sky-rocketing. After making strong industry connections at various festivals, he thought taking a stab at music was worth a shot.

He linked with long time friend Sean House. As LNDN DRGS the two began making throwback West Coast roller rink jams over classic deep funk breaks. The duo’s record Aktive was released through Fool’s Gold late 2015 and boasted features from Retch, Krayzie Bone, and unfortunately one of the last appearances from A$AP Yams. They have a new record on the way, and Jay premiered “Blue Hundreds” in front of the comic wall. Hear us discuss his connections to Vancouver and Compton, working with Fool’s Gold and Vice, and one fateful trip to SXSW that opened up doors.


Press play below to hear our conversation.

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