Adam22 Of No Jumper Talks Starting The Most Popular BMX Content Portal, Interview Techniques, and Scamming In A Revealing Conversation

Adam22 on Kinda Neat

Adam22 of No Jumper is a busy man. He’s having a difficult time finding extra hours in the day with all his hustles. Between his BMX news site, clothing brand, podcast, and vlogs it’s amazing he finds time to sleep.

I recently fell into a k-hole of No Jumper interviews and found that not only are the interviews dope, but his curation, curiosity about varied subjects, and general “up on this very early-ness” had me instantly subscribing.

It was a cool to talk shop with another interviewer, and inspiring to hear how BMX culture turned a lost kid into an eventual internet mogul. Can’t say enough about the No Jumper podcast, if you like ours you should definitely add his to the queue.


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